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Book Club: Wednesday 13th September, 6.30

Hello Radical Readers,
Thanks for everyone who turned out to discuss “Poverty, the Market and the State”, by Roger Scruton. A brilliant discussion and people were right to criticise the language in the article.
Next Book Club is Wednesday 13th September, 6.30, Mugen Tearooms. We’re reading:
These online documents were picked because people wanted to look at why Corbyn and his brand of politics did so well during the General Election of 2017. Future Book List
Oct 12th – Corbyn the Strange Birth of Radical Politics
Nov 8th – The State in Capitalist Society: The Analysis of Western System of Power by Ralph Milliband
Dec 13th (Christmas Book Club) – Christmas 2016 by Barbara Shoff
All these books can be found on Amazon at a reasonable price. As we don’t want anyone excluded from this group. When you read any book and want to pass the book on, just post on our Facebook page.
Happy Reading!