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Come to the Sheffield Momentum Organising Hub – every Wednesday

Last Wednesday’s phone-banking opened the invitation to Momentum Sheffield supporters to become more involved in winning the General Election Campaign.

The buzz in the room made it clear that we should combine social-media, website, and other activities into one regular event – a Momentum Organising Hub – where people can meet weekly (for the next few weeks at least) and get involved in whatever is going on.

The website was “officially” launched on Friday. With the technicalities sorted out, then the regular Tuesday “hackothons” will be merged into Wednesday’s Organising Hubs.

We can now move onto putting in information like updating campaign dates, information for door-to-door canvassers, target areas, and how things are moving.

You will notice that I have put some campaign dates and details on the site. But it is now down to the CLP and other reps to figure what information should be put on-line to promote our campaign. No technical skills needed, just get the info through to me, or if you want to put it on the website yourself then full instructions will be given.

All SC members have authoring rights for the website. http://www.momentumsheffield.org/

This Wednesday (10th May) coincides with the Book-club, so a few people will be elsewhere, and there will be no phone-banking. But it is still important that we do not delay the social-media and other efforts as we have less than a month to do this thing.

So, if you fancy rolling up your sleeves and doing a bit of phoning, catching up on spreading the latest memes, finding critical information that will give our other campaigners the edge, or just sharing experiences then turn-up:

Every Wednesday 18:30, Union St. Sheffield. (See website for any changes).