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MS/CMWG/WSWG Update 2017-05-02

Normal developmenthas been suspended until after the General Election

Welcome, Momentum Sheffield Steering Committee members, to your website!

This is a major phase in the roll-out plan of of the Website and we will be moving fast over the next few weeks. I’m hoping to get all the SC members up and running by 2017-04-19 and you should receive an invitation by email shortly. We are running and on budget (well there wasn’t one) and ahead of schedule.

If you look on the ABOUT menu item (top left) then you will see how varioius activity, equality and workgroups have their own sections. I have attempted to put some example content in for discussion purposes, but this can be removed. Now that we have this framework, you can begin to put your own content onto the site. Have a click around and see how things are organised. While doing so, you might like to think about what you would like to see there, as well as thinking about a coherent social-media campaign for reaching our members and beyond.

The site works on WordPress web-log (blog) technology, and so it consists of a series of blog posts. These are organised into categories such as BAME, Political Education, Events, and so on. When you click on some item, such as a menu, then it finds all the posts of that selected category. The BLOG menu item goes to all the posts.

Obviously, different people have different skill levels in making web content. The way I have got large groups to do this in the past is to guide people across specific problems, and compile a tutorial as we go along. You might want to google WordPress tutorials if you can not wait. If we spend the next couple of weeks playing with the system and getting up to speed, then we can tidy it up ready for the next roll out phase.
The launch date for Momentum Sheffield members is expected for 2017-05-05

Use wisely and enjoy -MomentumSheffieldWebMaster!