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Labour’s bad memes

We are constantly drip fed poison by the Main Stream Media (MSM) about Corbyn competence to the point where it undermines any certainty we might have had. In Martin Robbins article Jeremy Corbyn wants to bypass the mainstream media. So why are Labour’s memes so bad? he is saying that Labour’s rejection of the MSM, in favour of Social Media is further doomed by rank incompetence.

Labour’s communications staff have to take some of the responsibility for the party’s dismal poll ratings. Supporters can blame the media as much as they like, but at some point the party’s leadership has to take responsibility for the shoddy material they’re putting out to the world.

But really, its another excuse to emit the toxic “Corbyn is useless” dribbling. He basis this on cherry-picked examples of poorly presented tweets in a some what one-sided and overgeneralised view of Labour’s memes.

I have not seen these on Social Media, perhaps they were not viral material, but if they were the entirety of Labour’s social media capability then I would be saddened. Of course, it is written to make the reader think that and its part of the pattern of assassination: Labour’s good memes have been systematically squelched by the MSM. When you consider that social media is an affray to a mainstream establishment journalist (& advertising and PR industries) then his motive for undermining any conflicting messages, or media, becomes clear.

I’m sure it is not the intention of the article, but it does leak out the solution: figure out how to get better at building and spreading memes.In Momentum there is a vast wealth of understanding of new and emerging communication vectors, as well as the creativity to use them. Hence, we should take Labours bad memes as a bit of a call, not just the Momentum Sheffield Comms & Media folk, but to all of  Jeremy’s grass-roots supporters. Spread the good memes!